What to expect

Look forward to 3 marvellous, stimulating performance experiences each year, including:

~ new explorations and expressions of young artists

~ brilliant expositions from
established artists

~ interactive performance conversations with a selected art form

An exclusive evening charged with energy, bonhomie, and cultural immersion. Good food, good drinks, and the good company of those who dare to imagine, from the worlds of business, arts and sciences.

When & Where 

This year Salons evenings  will be in the month of January, April & November.

2020 dates
~ Tuesday 4th February 2020
~ Tuesday 7th April 2020
Tuesday 24th November 2020 

Salon evenings begin at 7:30pm

at G5A
~ Laxmi Mills Compound, Off Dr. E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

How it works

The Junoon Salons are open to members only.

We will send you an email with details of the performance a month in advance. Your seats will be confirmed on receiving your RSVP. Simply show up well in time for the show, and enjoy your evening with us.

Should you be travelling and unable to make it, you are welcome to invite someone to take your place – we request that you invite people keeping in mind the exclusive gathering of the Junoon Salon.

Claim Your Patron Membership


INDIVIDUAL (1 member): Rs 1.25 lacs*
DUO (2 members): Rs 2 lacs*
CORPORATE (8 members): Rs 10 lacs*

Each member will receive an invitation to three Salon evenings a year.

Each Individual & Duo Member will be entitled to bring a guest gratis to each evening. Your invitation may be used by you, or if you are unable to attend, by your guests. 


INDIVIDUAL SINGLE EVENING (1 member): Rs 50,000/-*
DUO SINGLE EVENING (2 members): Rs 80,000/-*

To acquire the Junoon Salon Patron Membership, please write to Savitri Medhatul at savitri@junoontheatre.org, indicating the type of membership you would like. We will send you payment details within a few days and confirm your membership on completing all formalities.

The Junoon Salons are open to a maximum of 100 members, by invitation only.

*Additional GST charges apply

About Junoon

We at Junoon seek to weave arts experiences into the fabric of society. Working closely with artists from theatre and allied arts fields, we strive to build a world imbued with the spirit of the arts, a world where curiosity, imagination, empathy, resolve, courage and possibility are celebrated, nurtured and valued.

Junoon then, is about creating access to theatre and the arts. Bringing the arts into the spaces of our daily lives. Bridging the gap between arts, artists and audiences. We do this through a variety of arts experiences and engagements carefully designed and curated by us. Our engagements include free public programmes as well as programmes designed for specific audiences. We work with one eye on the present and another on the future, with a strong focus on sharing the arts with children and young people as well.


Salon February 2020 - Adishakti's Bali

Salon November 2019 - Mahabharata in Action

Salon April 2019 - The Gentlemen's Club

Salon January 2019 - Gajab Kahani

Salon December 2018 - An Elephant in the Room

Salon April 2018 - An Evening with Katkatha

Salon January 2018 - Sangeet Bari

Popup March 2019 - Dakxin Chhara

Popup October 2018 - Arzaan Khambata's Studio